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In this webinar we will discuss the practical elements of BEE for small businesses, as well as, how they can use their BEE compliance to gain maximum benefit in all aspects of their business in order to grow and thrive. The basic BEE requirements will be outlined as well as and how to comply with each element of verification, using a bottom-up approach that starts with what is already in place, optimising those processes for BEE verification.

Who must join us on-line?

Small business owners who need to first understand the basics of BEE implementation on a practical level, and then understand the different ways in which they can comply with verification elements.


• When are you required to participate in BEE and what to do if you are not required to participate

• The Basic Elements of BEE verification

• Common misconceptions about BEE compliance

• What BEE level you should aim for

• How to get the best BEE score without selling, giving away, or drastically overhauling your business processes or ownership.




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