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Learn how to hold employees accountable and provide effective feedback that changes performance and behaviours.

Constructive feedback is vital to employees' ongoing development. Feedback clarifies expectations, helps people learn from their mistakes and builds confidence.

Positive feedback is easy – it is not hard to find the right words to tell someone they have done a good job or congratulate them on meeting a sales target. This type of feedback encourages a culture in which employees nurture and support one another.

However, giving developmental feedback is not easy. It is human nature to put off difficult conversations or to try and soften the blow. The problem with doing this is that if the issue is not addressed, the problem compounds and eventually you find yourself dealing with a much bigger problem.

Constructive feedback is an important tool for all managers. When delivered properly it can reinforce positive behaviour, correct any negative performance and ensure a strong culture remains in your team.

You will hear about:

• The benefits of feedback

• Guidelines for effective feedback

• How understanding the brain can help us with the structuring of feedback

• A model for successful feedback (including skills practices)

• Delivering and tracking feedback

Target Audience

All Managers of staff.


  • Marion Stone (Cornerstone Connections)

    Marion Stone

    Cornerstone Connections



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