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Engaging teams as we emerge from a pandemic is challenging. The fear of the unknown can render people in a state of fight and flight. This impedes thinking and performance at a time when profitability is a priority. Managers themselves are facing unprecedented stress. Skills that therefore enable, engage and build trust in teams are critical.

This workshop equips managers to transcend their own fears, and provide the practical know-how to support teams through creating an empowering, motivational mood.

The outcome includes greater team productivity, accountability and loyalty.

Participants will:

  • Gain insight into potential reactions as employees emerge from lockdown.
  • Raise personal awareness and inner confidence as leaders.
  • Reflect on the brain's need for social and emotional safety.
  • Use tools to boost engagement despite uncertainty.
  • Deal effectively with difficult team challenges.
  • Acquire models for effective teamwork and inclusiveness.
  • Practise a brain-friendly tool for improving trust and performance.
  • Set a measurable goal and action plan for team success.

Managers become empowered to use brain-based leadership techniques with their teams at the very next encounter.


  • Lynn Andries (Symbiota Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd)

    Lynn Andries

    Symbiota Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd