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The ability to plan, resource, implement, measure and close a project is a critical business skill.

This Project Management soft skill workshop provides a comprehensive process based model for project management and outlines the key tools and techniques required to deliver excellent projects on time, within budget and with the required results.


Introducing the subject

• Understand the term "project management"

• People in the project

• Responsibilities attached when being given a project to manage

• Accountability to complete the project on schedule

Procedural skills

• Identify the main obstacles and consequences to effective project management

• Understand the project management process

- Initiation

- Planning

- Execution

- Control

- Close

• Project budgets

• Project management terminologies

• Project management tools

• Benefits of a systematic approach

• Techniques to build an effective process

• Conclusion and closing a project

• Characteristics of successful projects

• Why projects fail

• Post mortem for future projects

Learning outcomes:

• The purpose of project management

• Different types of projects

• Understanding the impact of good project management

• Attitude when starting a project

• Communication during the various stages

• Concluding the project

• Life skills regarding project management


  • Lionel Bourgeois

    Lionel Bourgeois



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